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The Zionist Federation of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland condemns the brutal Hamas attack on Israel which began on October 7

Speaking out for Israel

The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, also known as the British Zionist Federation or simply the Zionist Federation (ZF), was established in 1899 to campaign for a permanent homeland for the Jewish people.

The Zionist Federation is an umbrella organisation for the Zionist movement in the United Kingdom, representing more than 30 organisations, and over 50,000 affiliated members.

The ZF celebrates Israel and challenges our enemies. As the UK affiliate of the World Zionist Organisation, originally founded as the Zionist Organisation at the initiative of Theodor Herzl, The ZF stands up for Israel in all forums, both nationally and internationally. From the media, to civil society, to the political establishment, The ZF is proud to support the noble cause of Zionism.

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    Restructuring of the Zionist Federation

    Restructuring of the Zionist Federation

    PRESS RELEASE 19th January 2021 Statement from Richard P Woolf, Acting Chair, Zionist Federation of UK and Ireland Since Paul Charney resigned as the Chair of The Zionist Federation of the UK and Ireland in May 2021, the lay leadership of the Zionist Federation has...

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    The Zionist Federation goes North

    The Zionist Federation goes North

    Earlier this week, the Zionist Federation's Executive Director Steve Winston, together with colleagues from the World Zionist Organisation UK (WZO UK) delegation, went on a whirlwind visit to the north of England, visiting Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. The purpose...

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