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About ZFUK

Founded in 1899, the Zionist Federation of the United Kingdom and Ireland (ZFUK) is the UK’s leading Israel advocacy and grassroots organisation.

ZFUK celebrates Israel and challenges our enemies. With over 50,000 affiliates, ZFUK engages in advocacy training, mobilises activists across the UK, holds speaking events, demonstrations and rallies, as well as many educational seminars and events. ZFUK promotes the real face of Israel, including the contribution Israel has made to the world, in Medicine, in Agriculture, in Science, in Cultural industries and in innovation to name just a few.

ZFUK is made up of over 30 constituent organisations with a range of political opinions and affiliations. ZFUK is an organisation where all of these views can come together and be part of the conversation. ZFUK values debate but believes that it is our commonality that unites us rather than our differences that divide us. ZFUK is the UK affiliate of the World Zionist Organisation.

Jerusalem Programme

All constituent affiliates and individual members must agree to sign up to the Jerusalem Programme – The official platform of the World Zionist Organisation and the Zionist Movement.

The Programme is as follows:

Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, brought about the establishment of the State of Israel, and views a Jewish, Zionist, democratic and secure State of Israel to be the expression of the common responsibility of the Jewish people for its continuity and future.

The foundations of Zionism are:

  • The unity of the Jewish people, its bond to its historic homeland Eretz Yisrael, and the centrality of the State of Israel and Jerusalem, its capital, in the life of the nation;
  • Aliyah to Israel from all countries and the effective integration of all immigrants into Israeli society;
  • Strengthening Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state and shaping it as an exemplary society with a unique moral and spiritual character, marked by mutual respect for the multi-faceted Jewish people, rooted in the vision of the prophets, striving for peace and contributing to the betterment of the world;
  • Ensuring the future and the distinctiveness of the Jewish people by furthering Jewish, Hebrew and Zionist education, fostering spiritual and cultural values and teaching Hebrew as the national language;
  • Nurturing mutual Jewish responsibility, defending the rights of Jews as individuals and as a nation, representing the national Zionist interests of the Jewish people, and struggling against all manifestations of anti-Semitism;
  • Settling the country as an expression of practical Zionism.