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Exclusive membership benefits:

  • Welcome pack for new members includes an Israeli flag, information booklets and latest edition of ZF Connect magazine.
  • The right to vote in the ZF Biennial elections, as well as the right to register to vote in World Zionist Organisation (WZO) elections
  • Access to facts and information about Israel and the current situation to assist you with your advocacy
  • Access to WZO events and senior Israeli diplomats in Israel
  • 1 free ticket to any event *, training session, or talk organised by the ZF (* virtual or in person event excluding Yom Ha’atzmaut, Balfour Lecture and Annual Dinner)
  • 10% off all ZF events *, including events in conjunction with partners (* virtual or in person events)

By becoming a member of the ZF, you agree to the Jerusalem Programme which can be read by clicking here.