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What we do

The ZF is the UK’s leading Israel Advocacy organisation, running hundreds of events and activities, and engaging with tens of thousands of people each year. We work in a number of areas in order to engage more people around the UK with Israel. We promote Israel and Zionism and advocate for Israel’s continued right to exist and thrive.


The ZF runs training sessions up and down the country with a variety of themes. From education and information, to skills and techniques, and even our more niche courses on Radio Phone-ins, digital advocacy and attending hostile meetings. To find out more about the training programmes on offer email


The ZF runs the UK’s only Lobby of Parliament for Israel, an annual event engaging over 150 different MPs on a variety of Issues. plus letter writing campaigns throughout the year.

Combatting the BDS movement

Exposing the lies of the BDS movement is an important part of our work that comes into every aspect of what we do. Whether it is by showing the true face of Israel, educating students or the public about the reality of Israel and the complicated environment around her, or directly negating the mistruths and one sided perspective being put to our political leadership, the ZF is working tirelessly to expose the truth and to dispute the lies. To find out more about the work we do combatting the Boycotts movement contact


The ZF runs regular campaigns on a number of issues affecting Israel. From proscribing Hezbollah to protecting Zionists in the UK, to standing up for Israel on the streets of London, Manchester, Glasgow and all across the UK. We are the UK’s premiere campaigning organisation when it comes to Israel, mobilising thousands to get behind the State, and support Israel’s right to freedom without being unfairly singled out. To get involved in our upcoming campaigns, email


Working with students is at the heart of what the ZF does. Engaging with the future leaders of our community is vital to ensure continuity. Whether it is running our programmes in schools, or programmes and activities on campuses nationwide, our student work is absolutely integral. Working alongside other campus providers we aim to equip our students with the tools they need in order to engage with the debate rather than shy away due to a lack of knowledge or skill. If you would like to find out more about our work with students contact


At the ZF we pride ourselves on our speakers and spokespeople. We have a number of people who regularly appear in the media, in print, on radio or on Television. If you would like any of our past articles or appearances, or would like a representative of the ZF to appear on your show or in your publication, please contact


The ZF runs a number of cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, parties, lectures and exhibitions. An important part of fighting the negative rhetoric being spewed against Israel is showing the true face of Israel in all its glory. It is often said that if we could pick everyone up and take them to Israel for just 20 minutes, we would make a world of difference. That is not possible or practical, so it is down to us to bring Israel here and show the public what they would see if they were to go to Israel. To find out about upcoming events contact