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Sirens pierce the air.

Fear grips like a vice.

15 seconds is all they have.

15 seconds to run to safety.

Imagine having just 15 seconds to run for your life.

In just 15 seconds, you could prepare to donate to our “Smiles for Sderot” appeal.

Help us to help Sderot!

This year, the ZF are both excited and honoured to use our annual Rosh Hashanah appeal to raise much-needed funds for this much-needed new Trauma Resilience Centre.

So as we enter the Jewish new year 5780, spare a thought for the men, the women and the children of Sderot – the children who suffer unprecedented levels of PTSD – and dig as deep as possible into your pockets so that together, we can help to create a new and more positive reality for them, a new and more positive reality to help them with the 15-second reality that they have to live daily.

Please use the form below to donate to this appeal. 
None of our work is possible without your generous donations.

Fact: In Sderot, near to the Gaza border, it is estimated that approximately 80% of children living there suffer from PTSD.

Below is a short video of some of Sderot’s children talking about their experiences of living under the constant threat of tzeva adom (Red siren)

Click the images below to read a letter from the mayor of Sderot and all about their Resilience Treatment Centre.

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