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Earlier this week, the Zionist Federation’s Executive Director Steve Winston, together with colleagues from the World Zionist Organisation UK (WZO UK) delegation, went on a whirlwind visit to the north of England, visiting Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

The purpose of the visit was to reach out to the Jewish schools and other community organisations operating in those cities, to offer resources and programmes to assist in educating about Israel and enhancing the children’s and wider community members’ relationship with the country and Zionism.

Packing in 3 schools and a variety of other community organisations in just two days was challenging but rewarding, with existing relationships reinvigorated after the restrictions of the pandemic, and new and fruitful relationships developed.

Our sincere thanks to Noam Reef and Dimitri Mevzos of the WZO UK and all those who met with and hosted us.

We look forward to reporting on developments related to this trip in 2022.