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Last month, it was brought to our attention that an AS and A-Level Geography textbook, published by Hodder Education, listed and referred to “Occupied Palestinian Territory” as a country.
The textbook is “Cambridge International AS and A Level Geography second edition” by Garrett Nagle and Paul Guinness.

The text can be seen, highlighted in the image below, and read as follows:

Nations at different income levels show considerable disparities in the extent of their ecological footprint. The lowest per person
figures were attributed to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Eritrea, Occupied Palestinian Territory and Timor-Leste.
All these countries have an ecological footprint of about 1.0gha per person.

Being, as this was, factually incorrect, the ZF wrote to Hodder Education, informing them that the inclusion of, and reference to,  “Occupied Palestinian Territory” as a country was factually incorrect, clarifying to them that “Occupied Palestinian Territory” does not constitute a country.

We further wrote:

“We would be happy to chat further to advise on ways in which the content can be revised to reflect the reality – impartially and respectfully, but with fact rather than what is currently erroneous information.”

Whilst we of course feel that such an error should never have made it to publication in the first place, Hodder Education once again acted graciously and swiftly, and have confirmed that the reference to “Occupied Palestinian Territory” will be removed in the next print run. (click here to read about the ZF’s success earlier this year with regard another Hodder textbook)

We are currently in contact with Hodder about the online pdf and kindle versions of the book and will issue an update when we are able to.

If any of our supporters come across any questionable content in textbooks in the future, please do feel free to contact the ZF – or 020 8202 0202 to discuss.

Thank you to those who brought this to our attention.