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This week, the Zionist Federation wrote to the publisher, Hodder Education, following the online exposure of what we can only describe as the most blatant and despicable example of anti-Zionist Antisemitism in one of their textbooks.

Entitled ‘Understanding History: Key Stage 3: Britain in the wider world, Roman times – Present’, the textbook contained an activity asking for students to reflect on how it could be argued that Israel’s creation was a long term cause of the 9/11 terror attacks!

Unbelievable, right?
Sadly not – see the excerpt below:

However, following a letter from the ZF’s Executive Director Joshua Forman, Hodder swiftly removed the book from sale and have confirmed  that they will be reviewing the content.Hodder have asked for the ZF’s input in this regards do we shall keep you posted as to the progress and outcome.

You can read more about this latest example of blatant anti-Israel bias in a Telegraph article here, and you can read the letter by clicking here.