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Following the long-awaited EU-commissioned report into the Palestinian Authority’s school curriculum textbooks, ZF Acting Chair, Richard P Woolf’s statement follows:

The ZF welcomes the publication of the EU-commissioned George Eckert Institute report into the Palestinian Authority textbooks. 

Although the report suggests UNESCO standards are adhered to, its researchers found multiple examples where textbooks contribute to the continued hostility toward Israel and Jews, ​delegitimising the State of Israel and dehumanising its population.

The content of school textbooks should provide young minds with the tools and techniques to encourage critical but respectful thinking. 

Whilst we hope that the U.K. government will act to ensure than no more U.K. aid goes to funding such content, we also hope that the Palestinian Authority will be encouraged to effect immediate change to its textbooks’ content and ensure that its young minds are educated for a brighter, more inclusive and dignified future.