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10th November 2021

The Zionist Federation of the UK & Ireland is shocked and disappointed with the disgraceful show of intimidation with which Israel’s Ambassador to The Court of St James’s, Tzipi Hotovely, was met when she attended the London School of Economics to address her audience.   Agitators amongst those protesting her presence were responsible for creating a threatening atmosphere of violence.

Richard P Woolf, Chair of the Zionist Federation said:

“Such angry and threatening demonstrations do nothing to further peace between Israel and the Palestinians and only serve to create an atmosphere of intimidation and fear amongst those students and visitors who just so happen to support Israel. Whilst free speech must be upheld in a democracy, such threatening and aggressive behaviour must not be tolerated.

It is disgraceful that one of the premier universities in the UK is setting such an example when it is obvious that the only proper solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is talking, not fighting. That this happened on the eve of the day marking Kristallnacht is particularly shameful.

We doubt that any other ambassador or diplomat would be treated this way and, noting that the Palestinian Head of Mission is due to speak at LSE on 11th November, whilst many take issue with the Palestinian leadership, we hope that he will not be met with such intimidating and threatening behaviour.”