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On Tuesday of this week, 10th March 2020, Jonathan Gullis, Conservative MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, led a parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall about the incitement, radicalisation and glorification of terror found throughout all grades of Palestinian Authority school textbooks.

The full debate can be seen online via our Facebook page here.

The full Hansard tranbscript can be read by clicking here.

Gullis’s Westminster Hall debate had contributions from over twenty members, demanding answers from the minister and exhibiting frustration as to why textbooks used to radicalise children in Palestinian Authority and UNWRA schools have not yet been changed. The UK is a major donor to the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education.

IMPACT-se research was repeatedly cited by the members of parliament. Last week, IMPACT-se spoke at the joint ZF and Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) annual Lobby Day for Israel in parliament. IMPACT-se’s Marcus Sheff also  briefed members of the House of Commons and House of Lords in preparation for the 10th March debate.

Activists who were able to secure a face-to-face meeting with the constituency MP were given a booklet published by the ZF entitled “Teaching to Hate: The Palestinian Authority School Curriculum”.
That booklet can be read online and downloaded by clicking here or by going to this link:

The ZF can confirm that the online version of this booklet will be sent to each and every MP over the next couple of days.

For any of you who are able to take this issue up with your MP, please do write to them about this issue. As we sadly are all too aware, incitement kills and peace is often the first victim.

You can find your MP by clicking here or by going. to this link: Put in your postcode in the box provided, click the ‘Find’ button and this should tell you the name of your MP. It will also give you a link to his/her website, if they have one (most do).

You can download our Lobbying: FAQs document by clicking here, which gives advice about how best to lobby your MP.

We are also pleased to confirm that later today, each and every MP will be sent the digital version of this booklet. The covering letter can be read by clicking here.

Below are two thumbnails of quotes by two MPs who attended the debate, both of whom highlight the extent of incitement, radicalisation and glorification of terror which continues to run rife in the Palestinian Authority school curriculum textbooks.
Just click on each to view in full.