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Paul Charney, Zionist Federation Chairman, on the passing of UNESCO’s anti-Israel resolution:

“UNESCO’S motion whitewashing the Jewish character of Judaism’s holiest sites is an acute example of institutional antisemitism, part of the UN’s inability to rein in grotesque anti-Israel bias. An organisation that is supposed to uphold the value of education has instead validated ahistorical propaganda; a body that is charged with protecting global culture has demeaned itself with this rank piece of intellectual vandalism.

“But while it is easy and justified to point the finger at the UN, we cannot ignore that the primary culprits are individual member states, each of which could and should have rejected this motion. It is not enough to have simply abstained – since silence in the face of injustice is to side with injustice. We take some small relief that Britain was one of only six countries which voted against this travesty.”