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This Sunday, 23rd May, the Zionist Federation will be holding a solidarity rally in support of Israel close to the Israeli Embassy in South Kensington. Organised in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police and Community Security Trust, this rally has also been endorsed by a number of other British Zionist organisations including the World Zionist Organisation UK, the Manchester Zionist Central Council, We Believe in Israel, Sussex Friends of Israel, Christians United for Israel, North West Friends of Israel, North London Friends of Israel, The Israel Advocacy Movement, and Hertfordshire Friends of Israel.

Given current events, it is imperative that British Zionists take a strong stand and publicly demonstrate their support for peace in the Middle East as well as Israel’s inalienable right to defend itself and its citizens. This rally also presents an opportunity to make a very clear statement that anti-Semitism masquerading as being pro-Palestinian will not be accepted or cause fear among British Zionists.

All supporters of Israel are welcome, but attendees found to be supporting any kind of extremist agenda will be removed by the organisers. For security reasons, attendees are advised to refrain from wearing any visible Israel-related clothing such as flags, hats, or glasses when travelling to and from the rally.

Paul Charney, Chairman of the Zionist Federation, says: “Perhaps now more than ever, it is crucial that British Zionists vote with their feet and come out in force. We are also seeing an unprecedented rise in anti-Semitism, and by attending this rally we are all reiterating that we will not be cowed by it.

We hope that our friends in Israel see this act of solidarity, and know that they are not alone with many supporters in London. We also welcome the recent ceasefire between Israel and Gazan-based Palestinian factions, and hope and pray it holds long beyond the immediate future.”