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On the 18th April, the Camden New Journal published a letter signed by members of the Camden Branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The PSC, never ones to miss an opportunity to misrepresent and slander Israel, were bemoaning the fact that the JW3 centre was¬†hosting, in their words, “an event to celebrate British young people and residents of the UK who volunteer for service in the IDF, the army of the state of Israel.

Their letter can be viewed by clicking here.

The ZF have sent a letter to the Camden New Journal requesting that they publish it as a direct response to the PSC’s letter.

Our letter can be viewed by clicking here.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – 03.05.2019:
An abridged version of our response letter, edited by the ZF, was published on 2nd May 2019 in the Camden New Journal.
It can be read online here.