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The Zionist Federation appoints new Executive Director.

The Zionist Federation of the UK and Ireland is delighted to announce its appointment of a new Executive Director.

Joshua Forman comes to the ZF from a successful 10 year career in the education sector, having spent the past 6 years in Jewish schools. Josh will take up his appointment full time in January 2020.

ZF chairman Paul Charney said: “We are truly excited to confirm Josh’s appointment. He is highly driven, passionate and engaging and comes from a long line of halutzim living in Israel. Together with his leadership roles on major Israel tours and his former career in education, Josh comes to the ZF with a heartfelt passion for Zionism, new and refreshing ideas and an immense aptitude to lead the ZF forward.

This year is our 120thanniversary, and what better way to see in the new year 5780 than to announce this appointment. The ZF Board of management, the National Council and all our member organisations look forward to welcoming Josh onboard and working with him to ensure that the ZF remains at the forefront of British Zionism.”

Mr Forman, who is currently Director of Learning for Science at the Hasmonean High School, said: “I am extremely excited to be taking up this position at the ZF. For me, this opportunity to lead the organisation which was specifically named in the Balfour Declaration is an absolute honour. I grew up with a strong British, Jewish and Zionist identity and spent my gap year in Israel, immersed in Israeli culture, learning Ivrit and volunteering. I have had leadership roles on different Israel tours and held the positions of Campaigns Officer and Chair of my JSoc at Liverpool University.”

“The value of education is something very close to my heart and, with my passion for Zionism, I am looking forward to the challenge of drawing upon the historical standing of the ZF in order to power it into the future.”