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Over the past week, Israel has begun to lift some of its Coronavirus-related lockdown restrictions.

It began last week with the re-opening of some types of shops and businesses, best summarised as follows:

  • People allowed to collect take away from restaurants, with limitations.
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons allowed to open, with restrictions.
  • Stores in the public space allowed to reopen, with the exception of indoor malls, with limitations.
  • The police are enforced to be able to issue fines of 200 shekels (about $55) to people not wearing face masks in public – without issuing a warning first. Those aged 7 and above with be obliged to wear a mask.

From this coming Sunday, some Israeli children will begin returning to school. Read more on that here.

And in another round of the loosening of restrictions which come into effect next week, it seems that entrance to pools and beaches for sport and treatment will be permitted. read more on that here.

In the meantime, here in the UK, we are all required to follow the UK government’s advice to Stay Home and Save Lives.

For up-to-date UK government guidance on the Coronavirus, click here.