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The winds of change are blowing more in Israel than here in the UK.

Earlier this week (Monday) saw the relaxing of the strictest measures in place to ensure social distancing across Israel. People are now allowed on the beaches (although not to sit/sunbath), more work places are open and shopping malls are back in action. In fact, the Mayor of Jerusalem visited Machane Yehuda, the bustling market place, and toasted to a ‘day of celebration for shop owners’.

However, strict measures remain in place for the use of these public areas – restricted numbers entering malls and open markets to maintain social distancing (1 person per 20m2), temperature testing upon entry and hand santizer stations erected.
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Gatherings such as weddings and funerals can now have up to 50 people in attendance as long as social distancing is maintained, and small family visits are permitted (again, as long as social distancing is maintained).

Football will be back on the social calendar on May 30th, although it will be played behind closed doors and clubs will have to adhere to strict measures, such as the payers quarantining between games.
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Netanyahu has also suggested that June 14th is the projected date for lifting all limitations on social gatherings, “assuming that no red light goes on.”

However, it looks as though Lag B’Omer will be the latest big event on the Jewish calendar to be cancelled, as ministers look to have approved a ban on bonfires as well as closing down Mt Meron, the pilgrimage site, in one big push for isolation.
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