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The ZF, supported by the Jewish News has launched a campaign to have the organisation Hezbollah proscribed in it’s entirety by the British Government.

Paul Charney, Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland said, “The false distinction between the so called military and political wings of Hezbollah makes a mockery of this country’s anti-terrorism policy, especially when its own leaders, most notably Mohammad Raad, Hezbollah’s leader in the Lebanese parliament, do not recognise such a distinction. The question must be asked then, why it is that the British Government hold this distinction when Hezbollah themselves, and their funders’ in the Iranian regime don’t. The ZF, alongside the Jewish News, will campaign to end this dangerous distinction and will look to have Hezbollah proscribed in its entirety as the terrorist organisation that we know it is.”

This page will be updated regularly with information of how you can get involved, but here are some of the things to look out for in the coming weeks and months as this campaign builds and grows.

  • UK Government petition (it is currently not possible to open an official petition. As soon as a new Petitions Committee is set up by the House of Commons, petitions will start again.)
  • Letter writing campaign to your MP
  • Flyers for download or distribution
  • learning resources to educate yourself and others
  • videos and digital resources
  • photos and images that are free for you to use
  • Updates on meetings with influential MPs
  • Campaign updates

Save this page to your favourites and check back regularly for updates!