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Statement by ZF Chairman Paul Charney on Bristol University
Professor David Miller’s recent online comments

In branding Zionism ‘the enemy’ and calling for its end, Bristol university’s Sociology professor David Miller has singled out the Jewish people by suggesting that the Jewish people, and only the Jewish people, are undeserving of their right to national self-determination.

Combined with his call for an ‘end to Zionism’, Professor Miller also claimed there was an “attempt by the Israeli government to impose their will all over the world.”

In so doing, Professor Miller has abused his position to espouse his radical and hateful conspiracy theorist views to an impressionable group of young people. It is views such as his which only reinforce the need for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of Antisemitism to be adopted by universities throughout this country, where Jewish students are repeatedly targeted by anti-Zionist and Antisemitic groups that call for an end to the world’s single Jewish state.

Not content with attacking the nationalist movement and ideology which underpins the very essence of Israel, a UN member state, Professor Miller chose to attack the Jewish Society (JSoc) at Bristol University, leading to its President being targeted with an onslaught of abuse.

Regrettably, this is not the first time that Professor Miller has expressed these outrageously radicalised and inciteful views and so we hope that Bristol University, which adopted the IHRA definition in full in 2019, will take meaningful steps to ensure that Jewish students at Bristol university will no longer be left to be freely targeted as they have been.


Please do consider signing the petition started by Jewish Bristol University student Sabrina Miller, calling for the university to take disciplinary action against Professor Miller
Just click HERE to sign now.