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The term start-up nation is now synonymous with Israel. Whilst it’s all very good and heart-warming to read about it, it’s even better to hear from those in the know about how Israel has made the desert bloom and been a light unto the nations.

A small but knowledgeable business crowd were recently given the opportunity, thanks to the ZF, to hear from one of the faces of Israeli news – Eylon A.Levy, Anchor and Correspondent for i24 news.

Eylon spoke at length about how one can see Israel’s development in one of the most cosmopolitan and hi-tech cities in the world, Tel Aviv. The city’s cultural standing received international recognition in 2003 when UNESCO proclaimed its historic zone a World Heritage Site and once again in 2014 when the organization declared Tel Aviv a Creative City for its excellence in digital media activity. Remarkable really, considering Tel Aviv was little more than sand dunes 100 years ago.

Eylon answered questions on a wide range of topics from an extremely interactive audience. This included one focused on healthcare. In his answer, Eylon pointed out that Israel is leading the way in personalising treatments, which drives up standards for patients and makes health professionals jobs easier.

One fact that leapt out to the audience is that Israel is going from the land of milk and honey to the land of milk, honey and hi-tech.

This blog entry was written by Stephen Hoffman.