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This past week, the ZF, in partnership with the South African Zionist Federation, hosted two young South African men from Africans for Peace.

Nkululeko Nkosi & Klaas Masilo Mokgomole are outspoken activists against the slur of “apartheid” as levelled against Israel, as well as both being former members of the BDS movement. Nkululeko is a law graduate of Wits University and Klass is currently studying law there. Nkululeko is a former secretary of the Model UN and Klaas is involved in a number of service leadership activities as well as having been elected as a member of the student government. Addressing audiences at UCL, Ner Yisrael, Manchester University and Exeter University so far, Nkululeko and Klaas spoke about how they went to Israel and the Palestinian territories and saw the reality for themselves. They both soon realised that they had been duped and that the BDS’s appropriation of the term “apartheid” against Israel was not only a fallacy, but that it undermines the experience and struggle of South Africa’s black population under the former apartheid regime in SA. They also spoke about how the BDS movement employs Antisemitism and intimidation and serves only to demonise Jews and other Zionists, as well as Israel, and that the movement certainly does not help the Palestinians.

Their talk at Ner Yisrael can be seen here.

Today they are speaking at Glasgow University’s Middle East Forum and will be speaking at a Glasgow community event this evening.