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Prolific anti-Israel campaigner Ben White has announced the publication of his latest book: “The 2014 Gaza War: 21 Questions And Answers.” Given that White is perhaps best known for publishing a book titled “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide,” the book will no doubt skew heavily towards absolving Palestinians (and Hamas) of any culpability or wrong-doing during the Gaza war, while conversely finding Israel guilty of every conceivable evil.

In keeping with the theme of his book, however, here are 21 questions that perhaps White might also like to answer:

  1. Why has Israel’s total withdrawal from Gaza actually increased the level of violence between Israelis and Palestinians?
  2. Do you think there would be fewer civilian casualties if Hamas didn’t fire rockets into Israel directly from civilian areas?
  3. Why does Hamas keep soldiers and weapons in civilian buildings like mosques, hospitals and schools?
  4. What does it say about Hamas that ISIS have adopted so many of their tactics and strategies?
  5. Why are materials intended for civilian reconstruction being used by Hamas to rebuild their military infrastructure instead?
  6. How many Palestinians lives would have been saved if Hamas respected ceasefires instead of unfailingly breaking them?
  7. How can there ever be peace if Hamas are theologically committed to rejecting the existence of a Jewish state?
  8. Why do you ignore Palestinian persecution of Christians?
  9. Why do Hamas leaders call on Israel to be destroyed, and yet are happy to accept Israeli medical treatment for their unwell family members?
  10. Why is a Palestinian born in Gaza to Palestinian parents who were also born in Gaza still classed as a “refugee”?
  11. Why is there no boycott campaign against Egypt, despite it having a far harsher policy towards Gaza than Israel does?
  12. Why do you accept all other Middle Eastern states being Muslim-majority states, but reject the existence of a single Jewish-majority state?
  13. Why is it that every time Israel negotiates with the Palestinian Authority to create a Palestinian state, the level of violence against Israelis increases?
  14. Do you think people would be more or less likely to support the BDS movement if they understood that its main goal is the destruction of Israel?
  15. How does Israel being an “Apartheid” state fit with the third largest party in the parliament being an Arab party?
  16. Do you think that Palestinians receiving more aid per capita than any other people on earth is fair?
  17. Do you think the Palestinian Authority guaranteeing any Palestinian convicted of terrorism with a salary is appropriate?
  18. Why don’t Palestinian supporters do more to challenge Palestinian antisemitism and extremism?
  19. Do you think the world-wide movement to boycott Israel is the symptom or the cause of rising global antisemitism?
  20. Do you believe that Palestinians who reach out for dialogue with Israelis instead of boycotting them are traitors?
  21. Do you regret saying that you understand why some people are antisemitic?