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Yom Ha’atzmaut 72 is certainly one to remember.
One for the archives!

Israel is country in which most of citizens have lived through some very tough times, whether they be the conditions around the time of Independence itself in 1948 or any one or more of the numerous wars that Israel has had to fight. The resilience and strength that Israel has knows no bounds, and this year has seen that put to another test.

Israel, like so many countries across the world, is fighting a very different kind of enemy. And it is fighting it hand in hand with other nations – a spirit of togetherness in isolation has developed at every level.

Whilst we are struggling through this social isolation, it is nonetheless somewhat consoling – comforting even – to know that we are all in this together. And it was this togetherness that seemed to define Yom Ha’atzmaut this year.

Almost 10,000 people came together and watched the #HomeAtzmaut singalong concert with Einat Sarouf, which we hosted in partnership with the WZO.
A phenomenal number!  
And if you missed it on the night, just click here to watch it, and don’t forget to singalong with Einat!

1000’s more also came together for a multitude of other activities – Technion UK’s 72 Live online event, Etgar’s Israel Quiz, JNF’s Song Ha’atzmaut, the Israel Dance Institute’s ‘A Daily Dose of Dance ‘ and Ohel Sara’s ‘Walk a Mile for Israel’.

And so it was for all this and more, that the Zionist community came together to celebrate.
And celebrate we did, just as millions of Israelis were celebrating in a similar fashion all that way away.
In fact, have a look at some of the incredible scenes that were going on across Israel during the week for Yom Ha’atzmaut,

Thank you to all who participated in #HomeAtzmaut. We look forward to celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut ’73 with you next year.